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Welcome to
Techprolabz - School of Robotics

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We enable students to
learn, create and innovate
their own robots.

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Techprolabz is incubated at IIT Patna,
has been awarded as
The Best Performing Startup.

Apply For Internship

Join our training cum internship programme to learn about Robotics, IOT, Drones, 3D Printing, Hacking, A.I & more. Get access to all hardware kits, working environment, goodies and appreciation certificate

Join the Hackathon

A hackathon is a design sprint-like event; often, in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including project managers, and others collaborate intensively on software projects.

Get Online Training

Get your Robotics, A.I, IOT, Drones, Hacking training online. Enroll once and get the access to our resources for lifetime. Register yourself, avail the training, create your own project and get the certificate

Importance of Robotics Education

It is a technologically fast moving world. Technology is evolving at a pace like never before, and it’s so hard to keep up the pace. The increasing demand in Industry makes Robotics learning one of the most important Topic for today’s generation. Introducing Robotics education to young students boosts their ability to be Informative and creative thinkers, it changes their vision completely.

Robotics teaches you community involvement.
Team building Skills get enhanced
It helps students cultivate and harness the skills of the future.
Robotics teaches students to bridge the dots between different technologies.

Build Your Own Robot
Think | Learn | Create

We enable students learn Robotics by providing skillful and experienced trainers, well designed curriculum, study material and even hardware support. They can even use our workspace "Makerspace" to build their own robotic project or they can enroll for Virtual classes. Get Yourself a seat for:

Book a Consultation

You can visit Techprolabz if you are working on Robotics and need help from our robotics experts.

About Makerspace

A makerspace is the heaven of creators, It’s a collaborative work space built inside a school, Community space or separate public/private facility to enable maker to build, learn, explore and share the ideas and producing something great for society. These spaces are open to kids, colleges goers, hobbyists or anybody who has an interest in technology.

Free Access to Kits
Project Based Learning
Skilled and Experianced Trainers
Earn smart certificate & showcase skills
Learning Environment

Offline | Online

Workshops are the very first step of your Robotics learning, When you go through a Robotics workshop of 8-12 hrs, you get the key and basic insights about the topic. It helps you understand whether you have an instinct or interest to dig a little deeper inside the magical world of technology or not. So, let us know if you want to join one of the workshops happening near you, and we will take care of the rest.

Drone Tech

Drones are the new talk of the town, and almost every corner of the world they are being used extensively. It’s fun to learn Aerial Robotics and making things fly. With our Drone Tech programs, we will make you deep dive in the open sky, with the four wings attached.

Fixed wing drones
Multi copters
FPV Drones
Photography drones

Our Founder

Technology is meant to make lives easier, not complicated. Look for the real life problems that your surroundings are facing, and try to build a solution that can change their lives in a positive manner.
We here at Techprolabz: school of Robotics are very passionate about creating the next leader in tech world, and we are dead serious about it.

-Vivekanand Prasad