Mega T-Bot Arduino Kit- 40 projects Arduino Robotic kit

Product Details

  • 40 Arduino based projects can be made using this mega T-Bot Kit.
  • The kit contains the following components:
    Arduino UNO, B.O Motor, Motor Driver Shield, Servo Motors, Ultrasonic Sensor, Bluetooth, Accelerometer, IR Sensor, Jumper Wire, Caster Wheel, Wheel, Chassis, LED, Push Button, Joysticks, LCD 16X2, Resistor, Battery Pack, 12V Battery Charger, Breadboard.

Rs. 5000/-

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Product Description

    Some Mega projects you can build are:
  • Path Follower Robot
  • Obstacle Avoider
  • Gesture Controlled Robot
  • Mobile Robot(Bluetooth)
  • This kit also contains a booklet to guide you throughout your project.

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