Teach your child to build robots from early-age.

“Make your child learn skills that will help them get ready for the Future, Career and Growth. Fill the form to book a FREE Demo Class

Who should attend this program

Kids (7+ Years)

Anyone willing to learn Robotics

Enigneering Undergrads

Your kid gets a kit for building their robots!

Assist us in turning your child into a robotics expert.

We will educate your child in learning the fundamentals of robotics and will also provide guidance to help them get started on their adventure.


Yes, we’re providing your child with the certificate of completion after completing a 1-month Robotics Workshop with us. 

This certificate will be the stepping stone for your child in his new journey of Robotics and will prove that you and your child are visionaries and early movers.

The best part is that this workshop is instructed by the Founder of Techprolabz himself – Mr Vivekanand Prasad.

We’re waiting for your child to grab this certification.

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