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Logical Thinking

Robotics encourages logic and reasoning, which is why it is indirectly valid for working on philosophical thinking.

Problem solving skills

kids gain information better and understand more deeply while learning Robotics then they ask the questions and improve their problem solving.

Creative Thinking

Imagination and creativity is always present as students must design different models, robots, constructions.

Our Courses

One Week Robotics Workshop


Robotics Kit Course


1 week Live Training Program

About the Training:

In this live training, we’re providing your child with the basics of robotics.we start with the introduction and teach them about the difference between electronics and electrical terms furthermorewe discuss all the components we can use in basic electronics like a diode, LED’s, motor, resistor, capacitor etc.

Your Kid Will Get a Robotics Kit


Yes, we’re providing your child with the certificate of completion for completing a 1-month Robotics Workshop with us. 

This certificate will be the stepping stone for your child in his new journey of Robotics and will prove that you and your child are visionaries and early movers.

And the best part is that this workshop is instructed by the Founder of Techprolabz himself – Mr Vivekanand Prasad.

We’re waiting for your child to grab this certification.

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