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Drone is an unmanned flying robot which is controlled remotely. It is a quadcopter with ESC (electronic Speed controller) which controls and adjusts the aircrafts electric motors. The course comes with free access to our LMS (learning management system) along with programming tutorials, build instructions, concept behind the kit, do’s and don’ts. “

It is an innovative educational kit that will keep your child engaged and help. It is an innovative educational kit to keep your child engaged and help develop your child’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Coding.

Specification: The online 21st labz Learning Management System is an interactive and fun learning platform for kids. The LMS includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build the DIY Robot kit.
  • Detailed manuals (do’s and don’ts | concept behind robot | build instructions)
  • Interactive videos to help your child build the kit in real-time
  • Progress report to track how far you’ve come

This Do-it-yourself kit contains the following: –

    • All the required components to build a drone.
    • Free access to LMS that offers online manuals and step by step instructional videos.
    • Programming tutorials that are required for the drone.
    • Guidance by experts in case your child faces any obstacle while building the robot.

Learning Objectives

This kit encourages your child’s creative side, piques his or her interest, and allows him or her to put educational concepts into practice.

  • Programming(coding)
  • Robotics
  • Electric circuit design
  • Working of electronic components (flight controllers| motors | arduino and much more).
  • Assembling all the components. (Placing the propellers on the motors | mounting the motors on the frame of drone and many exciting things like this) 
  • Working with tools (soldering machine| screw driver).

Learning Hours

7 days / 10 hours of instructor based interactive sessions. Each session will be around 90 minutes.

For holiday special, it will be conducted daily for a week. For normal sessions, it will span across 7 days (3 days a week).


A certificate of completion will be issued by Techprolabz: School of Robotics at the end of the course

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