Teach Your Kid Building Robots from Early-Age

Make Your Kid Learn Skills That Will Help Them Get Ready For Life, Career and Growth.

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Your Kids Will Be Able to Build:

Black Line Follower Robot
Obstacle Avoiding Robot
Gesture Control Car
Voice Controlled Car
Mobile Home Automation
Remote Control Car

Your Kid Gets a Kit For Building Their Robots!

We provide your kid with a kit that is delivered at your door-step for your kid to learn, practice and make robots!
Here’s what you get in the Kit:

Who Should Attend This Program?

Kids (8+ Years)

Anyone willing to learn Robotics

Engineering Undergrads

Why Your Kid Should Learn Robotics?


Problem-Solving Skills

Creative Thinking

Algorithmic Thinking

Course Curriculum

Difference between electronics and electrical term and Introduction of all the components we can use in basic electronics like diode, LED’s, motor, resistor, capacitor etc. How these are important in Robotics?

What is circuit? How to make a proper circuit? How to make a circuit in Robotics

Introduction to resistor, capacitor, Diodes and transistors. Their Uses in electronics field. Their Practical Uses in Robotics

What is a microcontroller? Difference between microcontroller and Microprocessors? Programing basics with hands on projects? Installation of IDE

Introduction about Sensors | Controlling LED’s using codes and sensors | How to calibrate sensors | Project based on sensors

Manual Traffic lights | Automated traffic lights | Controlling motors using sensors | Few more simple projects

Wired Robotic Car | Obstacle avoiding Robot using IR/Ultrasonic sensors | Summing up and doubt clearance

About Us

TechproLabz have been founded up with a vision to make kids more tech-savvy. Our goal is to give every school kid a chance to work on industry oriented projects. Techprolabz is very passionate about helping kids drive their inclination towards technology, thus the long term goal is to install A series of maker-spaces across the country, where junior makers can convert their ideas into reality.

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