your child’s mind to go high with Robotics Abilities >>>

We train our students to build upcoming projects that solves actual problems.

Making Education A Fun with Techprolabz

Studying Robotics is always fun because while teaching we always ensure that we engage our students in practical experiments hence providing them with activity-based learning.

We Give live projects to our students which let them engage in the activity and in the process they learn the fundamental principles of Robotics.

Practical based learning At Techprolabz – School of Robotics has brought out the best of many students across the nation.

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Top 3 REaSons why parents choose us

Activity Based Learning

We give our students live projects where they build Robots by themselves, face problems, find solutions and become their best versions.

Live Sessions

we have a great team of expert professionals, who give 1:1 live training sessions to our students

Excellent Content

Our content is precise, to the point, and of the highest quality, according to all parents.

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Techprolabz has helped millions of Students start their robotics journey

We at Techprolabz – School of robotics have various programs for young children by learning which they can start their robotics journey.

We  provide a 1-week Robotics workshop with 1-month support in which we clear the basics of electronics  and teach  our student  to build 7 different types of robots like Obstacle detection robot, burglar alarm system , Fire alarm system and many more on simulation

We Provide a Robotics kit to our students through which they can make 50+ robots, we provide classes and teach them to build robots.

There are a lot of programs we are gonna launch soon, to make the teaching and learning of robotics better and make the world a better place.

Community Based learning

Techprolabz Facilitate
a Vibrant community where students develop real-world problem-solving skills.

Build connections with like-minded individuals

Engaging with enthusiastic individuals who have unique, out-of-the-box thinking and can show you innovative ways to approach things is a great way to begin.

Engage in live activities

Participate in live Q&A sessions, discussions, competitions, and other healthy events to reinforce what you've learned.

Explore Future Possibilities

Become a part of an ecosystem where members help access opportunities to grow and plan for the future.

Assist us in turning your Child into a robotics expert.

We will educate your child in learning the fundamentals of robotics and will also provide guidance to help them get started on their adventure.


Yes, we’re providing your child with the certificate of completion for completing a 1-month Robotics Workshop with us. 

This certificate will be the stepping stone for your child in his new journey of Robotics and will prove that you and your child are visionaries and early movers.

And the best part is that this workshop is instructed by the Founder of Techprolabz himself – Mr Vivekanand Prasad.

We’re waiting for your child to grab this certification.

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grow, learn and upskill

Vivekanand Prasad

Nitika Raijayda
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Rithika Borpuzari

Aniruddh HS

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