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Robotics for beginners


Normal Class Schedule

Intake Class days : Weekdays

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"This is your gateway to the magical world of electronics and robotics. We will learn basics of electronics and will begin learning robotics using arduino. We will study the electronic devices and key components like diode, resistors, capacitors, transistors, ICs, etc. These are all considered as the basic building blocks of any circuit, and you need to learn these in order to build robots. We will also learn about interfacing of arduino (microcontroller) with various electronic hardware components using virtual simulation techniques."

Specification: Getting started robotics and electronics

Learning Objectives

Here is a broad list of topics that we will learn in this course,

  • Basic electronic components and how they work
  • Working with LEDs
  • How digital electronics works
  • How to build basic circuits
  • Introduction to integrated circuits
  • Getting started with microcontroller (arduino)
  • Controlling devices with codes

Learning Hours

7 days / 10 hours of instructor based interactive sessions. Each session will be around 90 minutes.

For holiday special, it will be conducted daily for a week. For normal sessions, it will span across 14 days (3 days a week).


A certificate of completion will be issued by Techprolabz: School of robotics at the end of the course

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